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Detroit Youth F1 Race
presented by the Gwen Jorgensen Scholarship

Our team at Streamline Events is proud to be selected as a recipient of the inaugural Gwen Jorgensen Scholarship. Gwen Jorgensen, 2014 ITU World Champion, was introduced to draft legal triathlon in 2010 at our Clermont Challenge through the USAT Collegiate Recruitment Program. Since then, Gwen has dominated the ITU international racing scene.

The Gwen Jorgensen Scholarship was started this year by Gwen and her husband Patrick to assist junior draft legal athletes in their pursuit of excellence in the sport. Our vision at Streamline is consistent with Gwen’s mission to provide exciting racing opportunities for up and coming athletes. We are thrilled for our F1 athletes to be part of this event and we thank Gwen and Patrick for their support in the Detroit Youth F1 Race.

This super sprint race is for athletes between the ages of 12 – 16. The distances for this event are 375 meter swim, 10k bike (2 laps), and 2.5k run (1 lap). This is a draft legal event. This race will offer a terrific race experience as all athletes will race on the same course as the elite athletes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: to ensure the safety of the younger athletes - any 12 year old would like to participate in this race will need to be pre-approved. This is a simple process. The parents of the 12 year old who would like to compete should email to convey their intent to have their child participate in this race. Once approved, the 12 year old will be given a special code to register.

The race field is limited to 75 boys and 75 girls. Due to the popularity of this event, we highly encourage athletes and their parents to sign up soon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Youth F1 athletes are required to attend a pre-race meeting on race day. This will occur on the beach near the swim start. This is the only pre-race meeting required to attend for the F1 athletes.

Top Ten F1 Event Rules

  1. The pre-race briefing is mandatory (on race morning)
  2. Time penalties assessed as "stop and go" with verbal warning or in the Penalty Box.
  3. Wetsuits are not allowed above 20°C (68°F).
  4. Athletes must move forward after the start signal.
  5. Blocking or interfering with the forward progress of another competitor is not allowed.
  6. The lap out rule will NOT be in effect for the F1 race.
  7. Helmet chin-strap must be buckled at all times while touching the bike.
  8. All equipment must be placed in your individual transition bin after use.
  9. Torso must be covered from race start to finish.
  10. Bicycle must have a traditional triangular frame; wheels must have at least 16 spokes; handlebars must be traditional drop-style with bar-ends plugged; clip-on aerobars may not extend beyond the brake levers foremost line and must be bridged; no bar-end gear shifters allowed. If your equipment does NOT meet these requirements you will be moved to the non-drafting age group race.

For a more comprehensive listing of competition and equipment rules for the USAT F1 event, please visit

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